Welcome to SD Equine Group

San Dieguito Equine Group, Inc. is a group veterinary practice nestled in the quiet corner of San Marcos, California located in San Diego County. Equipped with the latest technology and diagnostic tools, San Dieguito Equine Group provides ambulatory veterinary services, as well as on-site evaluation in our state-of-the art diagnostic facility. Patient wellness programs and preventative medicine are also a top priority.

Practice veterinarians employ a thorough and systematic approach to lameness and other performance limiting problems of sport horses in order to arrive at accurate diagnoses. Cutting edge treatments and management strategies are then used to keep our equine athletes successfully competing. Attending clinicians often collaborate with specialists and referring clinicians, when necessary, in order to provide the best information possible in each case. The team at San Dieguito Equine Group's Imaging Center is committed to providing equine veterinary medicine that makes a difference for our patients, their owners, and the veterinary community.

EMERGENCY and DISASTER PREPAREDNESS: http://www.aaep.org/emergency_prep.htm

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